The Personalized Pooch


The Personalized Pooch is for people who want a well behaved dog but don't have time or desire to do the training themselves. We come to your home when you're at work & get your dog training. We video & share the sessions for you watch & keep up with their progress.

  • Do you crate & confine your dog for long hours so they don't destroy your home while you're away?
  • Are you walking your dog at 5 a.m. to avoid other dogs & humans?
  • Does your dog go Bonkers & Spiral out of control  when you return home from a long day?
  • Does your dog ignore or Blow-you-off  when you call them come back to you?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, complete a Registration form to schedule your first session!

Personalized Pooch requires a pre-training evaluation or accepts dogs that have participated in any of the Just Paws Training programs

Cost: $50 per training session